Our Algonquin Model

Creatively designed, the panoramic prow windows at the front of this stunning vacation home give you access to the outdoors at all times. Inside, the cathedral ceiling echoes the vastness of the sky outside. Add a porch to span the entire front of your home and extend your living area even more. While stunning, this home is practical and well designed, making good use of each square foot. Three bedrooms and large bath have ample storage and welcome guests and family alike. The u-shaped kitchen is efficient and attractive. The attached dining area opens onto the porch, making the most of the sunshine and the moonlight. Entertain or relax – the Algonquin is perfect for both!

  • Type:
  • Model:Algonquin
  • Size:1,768 sqft
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Bathrooms:1



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